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Get to know Sama:

I’m 25 years old, I am of Pākehā and Māori heritage but from 1996-2011 I grew up in many different cultures very different to my own. In January 2011I moved to Adelaide, Australia, which was the closest (geographically and culturally) I had ever been to New Zealand. My passion for learning and sharing stories about other people started when I was very young - because of my family’s travelling lifestyle. So, with my travel bug firmly implanted in my geneology what did I decide to do? I decided to stay in Adelaide for eight years and then move...interstate! All jokes aside it was the scariest move of my life but I had Casey at my side.

I had a website called Bashful Extrovert for a few years, even before I knew Casey and it was a platform for me to explore my interests. Since then I have gone on to study Media and Arts and now I’m a full time journalist with some full-on aspirations. So when Casey asked me to partner up with him to create Bashful Extroverts I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m excited to be a working on Bashful Extroverts with Casey because:

He’s my best friend and fiance

His writing is phenomenal

We work well together (we have hosted a radio breakfast program together and worked at a newspaper together as well - so I can say that will full confidence)

He’s my number one fan and vice versa

If you don’t try new things then you’ll never know what you’re capable of

If anything I want this to be a safe space for you, our reader, where you can learn more about the world or even share your story with us (to contribute click here). Life is about learning and being open to other experiences and Casey has really helped me do that over these three years we’ve been together.

Get to know Casey:

I'm not heaps good at letting people know what's going on in my life, and that was an aspect I enjoyed about my previous blog, so let's use this as kind of a way to do that. My current job is specialised news and the other things I write are entirely unpublished (for good reason), so here's something you can come back to each week.

I also like being able to play around with form and push some boundaries between e.g. real/unreal, fiction/nonfiction, literate/illiterate, body/computer, so expect a bit of that.

Keen to get going with this project but tbh I'm a little nervous again as every minute draws closer to pushing the button that sends this out LIVE into the world. Hi everyone. Why am I so scared?

Thanks Sama for pushing this and making what are otherwise my flippant, flakey ideas into reality.

We hope you like what you read and even if you don’t please tell us – receiving feedback is one of the best ways we can grow as writers and humans.

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