• Sama Rose

Dad's poem

Ambisagrus' spirit poured down from the heavens

All to meet an angelic boy

His face round and soft breathed in

The fresh but humid air

The Celtic God let out a thunderous roar

Unwavering the baby boy's existence

Except for the shimmering waves in his eyes

Despite all the effort of the imposing immortal man

The little baby stayed still and pure

From that day the little boy was sunshine

In the lives of those with stormy hearts

Many green leaves turned

Snow fell and melted

Sun shone and wind blew

The sunny boy grew to be a man and he met his wahine toa

Together their love for travelling across lands and seas

Brought them to many a strange destination

Each place basked in his soul deep glow

And they together formed a love deep and pure

Clashing like drums and smooth like a pebble

They exist together and apart

His glow nourishing and her strength defining

Their children grew with the sunshine, and storms and the strength of generations

This sunny boy forever the sunshine in their lives