• Sama Rose

Free Swimwear for Frontline Health Workers

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Sydney based brand Liberté Swimwear are giving away 50 bikinis and one-pieces to thank health workers on the frontline of COVID-19.

According to the ABC, over 480 healthcare workers have contracted covid-19 in Australia. Many more are afraid of the risks involved with working with covid-19 patients, but their stress and courage hasn’t gone unnoticed, as many brands are offering discounts dedicated to healthcare workers.

Founders of Liberté Swimwear, sisters Jenny Tse and Natallie Tse want to do their part in showing their gratitude to those on the frontline.

“We just wanted to do something useful during this challenging time,” Natallie said.

“Our doctors, nurses and hospital staff are working double time and risking their health every day. So as a small business we decided to do what we could - give a free gift to the professionals keeping the rest of us healthy.”

Jenny and Natallie founded Liberté Swimwear as they were frustrated with the lack of minimalist styles on the market.

“When we started creating Liberté swimsuits, we were just making them for ourselves. Then we realised that others may share the same frustrations we had,” the duo told Bashful Extroverts.

No business could have expected a pandemic like COVID-19 and while Liberté Swimwear are reaching out to help others, the virus has impacted them too.

“It’s difficult as people are spending less and going out less. People are spending money on essentials and treating themselves less,” Jenny said.

“But we thought why not use this time to do something good for the community?”

If you want to get a free swimsuit from Liberté Swimwear or would like to gift one to a deserving loved one go to www.libertéswimwear.com