• Sama Rose

22. Ghost

A ghost is only scary if

You let it host nightmares with

Death and decay - but imagine one

On a sunny day equipped with a hat

Walking, leashed, its mangy cat

A ghost can be funny

Especially if pictured on the dunny

But what if one suddens before you?

Reeking of revenge and mildew?

Instead of cowering into a ball

Squint your eyes and reimagine it tall

Stretched impossibly far quivering like a noodle

With tufts of curly hair akin to a poodle

Instead of wailing creepy boos maybe

It’s prone to giggling like a baby

Perhaps it sneezes in pairs

Or brays like pregnant mares

Whatever the case a ghost can only be

Scary if you will it, you see?

This post is a collaboration for #inktober. Art by LuPea and poem by Sama.