• Sama Rose

29. Injured

A faint but sweet chirping raised me from

Dreams of him hiding in the bushes

Blood was pumping in my ears when I heard it

An injured swallow twittered out an SOS

On my windowsill

It’s injured wing clung to its white breast

Which vibrated with panic or hope

The sweet thing looked right into my eyes

I gently lifted it to my ear

It had a strong beat

So I nursed her back to health

And with each day we spent together I learned

Its chirping tongue

A twitter for attention sounded very different

To a call for food

One day its injured wing spread out proudly

And with one last chirp

She said goodbye

And since that solemn and sunny day

I do not dream of him at all

This post is a collaboration for #inktober. Art by LuPea and poem by Sama.

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